Monday, February 24, 2020

Why Use A Sit-On-Top Kayak For Fishing?

There are numerous reasons numerous individuals choose a sit-on-top kayak for capturing fish.

Flexibility & Comfort

This is a big deal. One of the big reasons that surf fishing kayak has taken off over the last couple of years is because of the SOT (Sit-On Top).

In the old days of SIK (Sit-In-Kayaks) the paddler is restricted to a rather tiny cabin. Now, that's penalty for paddling around. Especially if you wish to do it quickly. As long as you had some experience, and also were practiced in rolling (Eskimo) you understood you could navigate safely, regardless of what was thrown at you.

The trouble with SIKs was that being constrained to a small cockpit indicated you couldn't move around the real kayak very well at all.

Having the ability to openly move around. Attract. Cast. Get your gear established. These are all the little things that angling folk require to do, and also SOTs are a big benefit below.

Not only that, yet SOTs enable you to stand on the 'yak, which is excellent for having even more of a bird's- eye view of what's actually going on down there! Having the flexibility to move around additionally lets the kayaker stretch and also move. So you can stay out fishing for longer. Win!

If you're stuck in the one position and not able to move around openly, then firstly, there a chance that you will certainly start really feeling claustrophobic. And secondly, the chances of pains and also discomforts setting in increases. Both are a result of being in the one position at all times.

Angling In Shallow Waters

This is kinda still within the flexibility category above, however hey, we intended to break it up a little!

A SOT fishing kayak allows you to easily enter and out of the kayak. Got waders? Well, you can quickly jump out and also fish from outside the 'yak.

That's not so very easy in a sit-in kayak. It can be a little a pain getting in and out of these, specifically if you're doing it all day. As a matter of fact, there's even more opportunity of tipping over the kayak when using waders.

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