Saturday, February 1, 2020

Customize your account

In Outlook everything is very simple, you’ll be able to make any email operations with  just a single click. This simple and clean approach is even in his image. The new mail service has a very clean, minimalist interface, to facilitate user interaction with the site and you can customize your Outlook account in a few steps. Here we show you how.

In Hotmail and other email services like Gmail, we have the possibility to install themes that vary the appearance of the inbox. doesn’t have these features, because it is intended that the interface is clean and quick to improve load times regardless of the connection speed. However, you can change the color of your inbox by clicking the gear of the upper left and selecting one of the colors shown in the drop down. You can select one try before dragging the mouse over the colored squares without pressing.

Another way to personalize your is adding a picture and your personal data. To do so, just click on the picture next to your name in the upper right of the screen and then ‘edit profile‘.

On this page you can customize your contact information, by adding your birth date, the name of your significant other, phone numbers, contact address and country of origin.

You can also add your Work info: job title, company, work email address (remember you can manage multiple email accounts in your Outlook) and phone numbers, as well as the country where you work.

Likewise, you can add a custom picture. To do this, click where it says ‘add image‘, then load an image from your computer, select your settings and then click Save. From now on, you will see that photo on your homepage and you email and messenger contacts will see it when you chat with them from

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